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That exciting time is drawing near. With a lot yet to do, obtaining the items you will need for your little bundle of joy can be a bit overwhelming. Your friends and family will host a Baby Shower that will assist you in getting many of those things you will need for your baby, but there will still be items that will be missed. The following list should help you as you plan to purchase those newborn baby essentials.


Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Furniture

Outfitting the nursery can be quite expensive unless you use these Target coupons. Consider shopping at Target to choose a Convertible Crib priced from $179 to $499 which will grow with your child. Most convertible cribs come equipped with the ability to convert to a toddler bed so that the same mattress can be used. After the child has grown, a convertible bed can be used as the headboard for a twin bed. Don’t forget the bedding as that will define the look and feel of the room.

Newborn baby essentials also include a choice of Dressers priced anywhere from $69 to $469. The top of some of the dressers can also be outfitted with a Changing Top priced at $20 in order to minimize the amount of furniture in the nursery. A final essential item for the nursery is the Glider and Ottoman priced at $179.99 for those late night feeding and snuggle fests you will soon have.


Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Clothing

Comfort is the essential component to the clothing choices for your young one. When using our Kohl’s coupons you will not only be assured of savings, but also comfortable and cute clothing you would be proud to clothe your newborn in. Make sure you have Bodysuits priced at $9.99 as they are a versatile shirt that will virtually go with anything. Nighttime Swaddling Wraps priced at $25.99 are also a must-have item for your newborn. Many newborns like to be wrapped tight and swaddling wraps do the trick. For the newborn Sleepers priced at $12.99 can be worn all day as the baby sleeps most of the time. Finally, make sure you have Mitts priced at $6.99 to ensure your newborn will not scratch his face all up.

Diapering and Bathing

Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Diapering and Bathing

Newborn baby essentials include such items as diapers and diapering supplies as well as those items needed to bathe the baby. If you are choosing to use cloth diapers, consider using the following eBay coupons for gently used or new Newborn Cloth Diapers you can place bids on from $3.75 for one diaper to $70 for a lot. You can also bid on Disposable Diapers for as much as $28. Of course Baby Wipes from $17.99 to 20.99 will be another essential item you will want to have on hand.

Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Bathing

Keeping the stink away can be done by frequently bathing your newborn baby. You can purchase a great gently used Baby Bath by giving the winning bid. eBay also has items such as Baby Bath Towels starting at $12 and Baby Bath Toys with bids less than $5.


Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Travel

When it comes to traveling the governments in most jurisdictions have mandated very important newborn baby essentials in the car seat. Car seats come in different shapes and sizes and can be overwhelming when looking at the huge variety.

If you want the car seat to grow with the baby and only purchase one seat, then you will want to choose a Convertible Car Seat priced from $49.99 to $349. If, on the other hand, you desire to take use a carrier as a car seat then you will want to purchase an infant Car Seat priced at $144.99 with an Extra Base priced at $73.99 if you have more than one car so that it is not difficult to take your child in and out of the car.

Another important component you should consider for your newborn is a stroller. Again, look for something that will grow with your baby so that it is a one-time expense and you can use your Target coupons for both the stroller and car seat.

When looking at strollers decide how you will use it. If you are active and plan to jog while taking your child, consider purchasing a Jogger priced at $109 to $369. If you are planning to use the stroller while shopping or walking, consider purchasing a lightweight stroller that is easy to get in and out of the car like the Graco LiteRider priced at $59.99. Some full-size strollers come outfitted with car seats for the infant. Priced from $104 to $416, these Travel Systems are very handy as they usually also come with a base so that you purchase all three items at once.


Newborn Baby Essentials – All Mom Needs for Her Baby - Play Time

Your Target coupons will also give you savings on play gear that is considered newborn baby essentials for when you are sleep deprived and your baby wants to play. A Baby Bouncer priced at $49.99 can help you get a few minutes of sleep while the baby is safely strapped in the bouncer and getting gentle soothing rocking and bouncing.

The ever popular and classic Plush Rattle priced at $9.99 will help your newborn baby get an understanding of how to hold and manipulate items around him. While the Vibrating Soother for $11.99 will help calm your baby when she’s been so fussy you just need a bit of a break.

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime! The newborn baby essentials you purchase today will help keep you sane on those dark sleepless nights and fill you will joy when you gaze at your soundly sleeping newborn. Consider using our Target coupons, Kohl’s coupons and eBay coupon code while preparing to begin your new life with your baby.

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