Ideal Space Saving Solutions for Small Houses

If you have just moved into a beautiful new home, you may be surprised with how quickly empty space fills up when you start unpacking. You might even find some of the furniture you have taken with you doesn’t fit in your new space. Here we will take a look at some of the space saving solutions you can attempt, along with the furniture that can help you out. Along with our Target promo codes and Kohls coupons, you’ll be able to find the right bargains for your new home.

Keep Things Organised

One of the best space saving solutions is to simply just keep things organised. Even when you keep just a few things neat and tidy, it can save you quite a bit of space and make your small space look more spacious and neat.

Ideal Space Saving Solutions for Small Houses 1

One of the best places to start with a little organising is table tops and desks. If you are able to keep them neat and sorted, you will be keeping valuable space free for other things. When it comes to desks, there are a few things that you can do to keep them clean without having to sacrifice practicality. With one simple purchase, you can have all the things at your desk that you need the most, while at the same time saving space for other things. The Lipper Bamboo Space Saving Desk Organizer ($39.99 at Kohls) is a great way to start. You can keep all your pens, notes, paper clips, and even your phone nicely stored away but still within reach. It comes with two very handy built-in draws, so then you can store the smaller things you need inside conveniently. At this great price, along with our Kohls coupons, it certainly makes a very nice and affordable addition to a new home.

Ideal Space Saving Solutions for Small Houses 2

When it comes to desks and tables however, you sometimes need more help keeping organised. Sometimes you just need something that can conveniently fit into a drawer, so then you can not only keep your table and desk organised, but also the drawers themselves. In these cases, a Drawer Organizer Set of 6 ($14.99 at Target) is ideal. The set includes small, medium, and large organisers so then you can keep almost anything neatly stored where you need them to be. You can even use them in the kitchen to keep your utensils neat, or you could even use them in the bathroom for storing toiletries. They are a bargain considering the amount of space they can save, and along with our Target promo codes, you can get them at a superb price.

Save Space With Additional Items

When you move into a new home, there are times when you forget some of the furniture you wanted to buy. For example, if the winter months are looming, then you may have forgotten to buy a heater for your living room or bedroom. In these cases, it pays to shop around so then you can find something that is not only able to save you money, but can also save lots of space at the same time.

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During the summer months, it becomes a necessity to have an electric fan running in the house. Quite a lot of fans are quite large, and because they oscillate, they require quite a bit of space around them so then the cold air can travel through the room. There are however a range of fans that you can buy that are designed to save space without compromising on the quality. The Lasko 3-Speed 52” Space-Saving Oscillating Pedestal Fan With Remote ($55.99 from Target) is one of the best fans to buy when you want to save space.

The thin design of the fan means that you can easily put it anywhere in your living space without having to deal with it taking up too much space. It also comes with a range of features to make it very easy to use, including a remote control so then you can adjust the speed of the fan without having having to touch the fan itself. It can also be adjusted to various heights so then you can get the right amount of cool air flowing around the room. The air even flows around without any noise, so then you can even have it running at night while you’re asleep. All these features make it well worth the price, and one of the best space saving solutions you can find. When you use our Target promo codes as well, it becomes a bargain that can’t be ignored.

Save Wardrobe Space

One of the best and indeed the most ignored space saving solutions is to keep your wardrobe organised. If you are living with someone, you might be considering buying a double wardrobe so then you can fit two sets of clothes. Double wardrobes can take up a lot of room however, and in a small room it could even consume half of the space without you even realizing.

Ideal Space Saving Solutions for Small Houses 4

You don’t necessarily need to have a spring clean though to keep all your clothes in one wardrobe. There are things you can buy that can help you save lots of space without having to give up on any possessions. The Kennedy Home Collection Hanging Sweater Organizer ($24.99 from Kohls) is one of the best wardrobe space saving solutions you can buy. It comes with six Velcro shelves so then you can store sweaters and other clothes conveniently on the rail so then you have more space for storing things in drawers. When you buy this along with our Kohls coupons, it becomes a space saving idea that is very beneficial in the long run.

With these space saving solutions, you will be able to keep your home looking neat and spacious despite its size. If you can make some wise purchases, then saving space will become one of the easiest things in the world. So don’t wait a moment longer! Check out our Kohls Coupons and Target Coupons right now!

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