Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art IdeasYou Have to Try

Nothing says Easter like fluffy-tailed bunnies, painted eggs, and an egg hunt. It is the time of the year when people make artfully- decorated egg-shaped goodies, also known as the Easter Eggs. And to top it all is the egg hunt, which involves a round-up of adventure-seeking hyperactive kids out to scour the yard for the carefully hidden dyed eggs.

However, you can still have an amazing Easter even without all the egg hunts, and calories and calories of chocolate eggs. We bring you the same excitement brought by this meaningful holiday at the tip of your finger, literally!  Get your holiday spirit on, and remove last week’s nail polish because we got some Easter-rific nail art ideas for you!

From Bugs bunny’s mythical cousin, polka-dotted eggs, and funny little chicks, we have it! Choose from easy and definitely cuteEaster-themed designs that will transform your nails from gloom to glam. You can check out eBay for tons of nail art paraphernalia to help you paint like Picasso.And don’t worry we got your back with our eBay coupon codes so you can start making a masterpiece out of your fingernails right now!


The Rabbit Ink-vasion

  Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try 1

No one really knows how the Easter Bunny hopped its way into Easter, but this cotton-tailed egg-laying hare has become a part of Easter since time immemorial. Like its Christmas counterpart, the Easter bunny hops around the world (or maybe just some parts of it) to bring children gifts, candies, and colorful eggs. And if you love all this gift-giving rabbit, then you will surely love him or her on your nails.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

To make an Easter bunny appear, you need white, pink, and black nail polish, and a dotting pen. You can work with Kleancolor Nail Polish ($23.00), which comes in 24 different colors to ensure you got everything you need. The 2-way Nail Art Dotting Tools ($3.98) that has five differently-sized ball points for a rather flexible nail painting.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

After applying the base coat, and probably crafting a little scenic background, put a drop of white polish on a piece of paper. Using the dotting tool, smear the edge and then dab it to where you want the bunny on your nail. Using the smaller point, drag the white polish until it forms a long rabbit’s ear. Do the same thing with the black and pink nail polish, for the eyes, nose, and ear lining.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

If you want to make more intricate designs like the bunny amidst all the grass, it is best to work with the Size 10 Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush Pen Paint Painting ($3.99). It is the same brush used by professional nail artists, and I am sure it would work wonders on your nails too.

Also, it is should be your priority to keep you nails healthy and pretty. Excessively applying nail polish and other chemicals may damage them, including your hands. You can try this home remedy though. Soak your fingernails with lemon juice for a maximum of five minutes, and then wash it off. Once you are done, apply a little lotion, and wrap your hands with a two wash clothes for about six to seven minutes. That should leave your hands supple enough for your next nail art ideas.


The Egg-citing Nails

 Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

Did you know that Easter eggs (or the Paschal eggs) symbolize rebirth, or the rising of Christ from the grave for Christians? So, these colorful (and yummy) eggs are not just made for egg hunting, they are meant to remind you and I that we deserve second chances. Cool, right?

Another thing that is cool and chic is the number of Easter egg patterns you can wear on your lovely nails. One of the easiest you can try is the polka-dot pattern, which is just a combination of two colors (or you can experiment with more). Apply the base color, and using a dotting pen, make 6 or 7 dots using the other shade. It could be any color combination depending on how you want it to look. Go crazy with these unique nail art ideas, it is all up to you.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

To make the stripes, brush a tea-off paper pallet with polish of your choice, and then cut it with a pinking scissor once it is dry.  Strip it off from the paper, and put it on top of the base color preferably using a tweezers to avoid any smudges. Finish it with a colorless coating. And as for your base color, use Kleancolor’s Natural Beige Color ($9.68) that has 6 variations you can choose from. Neat!

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

Easter is all about colors, so why not make your nails as colorful as possible. Go abstract, use dots or curves, and explore your creative side. Splash a few colors here and there. The Perfect Summer Soak Off Gel Polish ($3.37) would indeed be a great choice with its bright candy color options. One more amazing thing about it is that, it is easy to remove, which lets you switch from design to another without a hassle.


Bright Yellow Chicks on the Loose

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

It has never been clear whichcame first, chickens or eggs, but we would like to think it is eggs (or else we have to swap this section to the one above). And once all those little nail art eggs hatch, what comes out are little bright yellow chicks, which would just make your nails stand out.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

This simple yet delightful nail art idea starts out with Kleancolor’s Funky Yellow Nail Lacquer ($1.19) as its base. It is best to keep your hands dry before applying any nail polish to avoid moisture, which would then cause hideous bubbles on your base color.

Brilliant Easter-themed Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

Using the finer point of a dotting pen, make the eyes with black and white polish, and an orange shade for the beakand the chicken feet. You can then modify it by adding a few broken shells with the Crackle Cracked White Nail Polish from Maya Products ($3.29). And, voila! Another stunning nail art success!

You can pair this with a sun dress, and a comfortable pair of beaded sandals for a complete Easter-themed look! But whatever it is that you plan to do this holiday, it is always better to share it with family and friends. Don’t you agree? Have a wonderful and stylish Easter with these amazing nail art ideas!


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