10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes

With the summer months approaching fast, now is the perfect time to start thinking about some great food and drink ideas. There are a wide variety of different things you can try for the first time, including a selection of easy summer drink recipes you can make from scratch. Here we will take a look at some great summer drinks recipes that you can attempt easily in less than 10 minutes with the right equipment. And along with our Amazon promo codes and eBay coupon code, you’ll be able to get the equipment you need without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Cherry Cooler

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 1

The Cherry Cooler is one of the tastiest easy summer drink recipes to make. With its rich cherry flavour that really bursts out when it is served with ice, it is the perfect drink to help you cool down when the summer sun is starting to take its toll. All you need to make this particular drink is some hibiscus tea, sugar, and of course some cherries. Take around half a pound of cherries and purée them, then through in half a cup of sugar to make sure the drink has a nice sweetness to it. Then add just one cup of hibiscus tea. Try your best to make sure that the hibiscus tea is nice and strong so then it brings out all the rich flavours in the drink. Mix all three of these ingredients together well, and then pour it over some ice. If you want to impress people with your presentation, add a little cherry on top as a little garnishing.

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 2

When it comes to the mixing of the drink, the majority of people simply stir the ingredients. However, if you wanted to add a nice cocktail feel to the drink, then maybe investing in a cocktail shaker would be a good idea. The Cocktail Martini Stainless Steel Bartender Set Tools Bar Drink Mixer Shaker Kit ($12.64 from eBay) is perfect for this kind of drink. Not only can you throw in the ice while you mix to really make the drink chilled, but it also comes with some extra features and tools so then you can use it for a wide variety of different drinks. When you purchase it using one of our eBay coupon code, it becomes one of the best bargains you will get all summer long.

Guava And Berry Lemonade

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 3

When it comes to easy summer drink recipes, this is probably one of the fruitiest you will ever come across. It involves a little bit of slicing and dicing, but apart from that it is a simple drink that can be made in a matter of minutes, and is particularly good at quenching a thirst. Take some diced strawberries, guava juice and some sugar and mash them all together. Keep mashing them to your own taste, and then when you are ready, throw the ice in on top of the mix. Then add around six tablespoons of lemon juice and stir it all together. If you want to add a little more lemon to the taste, throw in some lemon slices and then stir the drink again. Not only will you bring out the real lemon flavour in the process, you will have also given your drink a nice little garnish too.

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 4

When you are dicing the strawberries and slicing the lemons, it’s always good to have a tool that is built to handle both of those jobs easily. That’s why the Go Plus Nicer Dicer Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutting Dicing Slicing Kitchen Gadget ($17.87 from Amazon) is ideal for this situation. Not only is it a big help for preparing this particular drink, it is also perfect for whenever you need to slice or dice other fruits and vegetables for food and drinks in the future. And it’s also available at an amazing price when it is purchased with one of our Amazon promo codes.

Coconut and Watermelon Cooler

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 5

This is probably one of the classiest easy summer drink recipes you can make, with its smooth taste brought out by fruit and vodka. This involves a few more ingredients, but it is still nice and simple to make with the right tools.

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 6

Start by dissolving one cup of sugar in a pan on a low heat. While that is cooling, prepare some frozen cubed watermelons, six ounces of syrup, seven ounces of lemon vodka, and 18 ounces of coconut juice. Throw all of these ingredients, including the sugar, into a blender and blend all the ingredients together well. Make sure you use a strong blender that you can rely on, like the Ninja NJ600 1000 Watt Professional Food Fruit Blender Processor ($87.89 from eBay), which is ideal for blending fruits. When purchased with one of our eBay coupon code, it is a bargain waiting to be snapped up.

10 Minutes to Treat Your Family with Easy Summer Drink Recipes 7

Once everything has blended, serve the drinks in some nice cocktail glasses with a wedge of watermelon for garnishing. If you want some stylish cocktail glasses, then check out the Libbey 4-Piece Cosmopolitan Cocktail/Martini Glasses ($6.99 from Amazon), which are ideal for any little parties or social gatherings you are having over the summer. They are available at a great price, but with our Amazon promo codes, that price gets even better still. These are just a few of the great easy summer drink recipes ideas you can try this year. Whether you want to chill out and have a little alone time with a cool sweet tasting drink, or you want to make something special for the people you’ve invited to a barbecue, these recipes are ideal for any situation. As long you have the right tools and equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to make some really great drinks. So what are you waiting for? Get the tools and equipment you need using our eBay coupon code and Amazon promo codes now!

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